About us

We want to move the world in the right direction.

We believe that achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is crucial for society – both from a global, national, and local perspective. This endeavour will require significant changes for both civil society and businesses. Many industries will need to undergo fundamental transformations, and innovation will be vital in reaching the sustainability goals.

National governments, public bodies, local authorities, as well as societal, business, and individual actors must take much greater responsibility than they currently do. There are significant variations among these actors in terms of their willingness to contribute to a more sustainable society, making it even more challenging to achieve the objectives.

Our vision

Agenda Risk’s vision is to support organisations and businesses in conducting their operations in a responsible manner that aligns with the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We want to move the world in the right direction.

By focusing on attracting highly skilled professionals, Agenda Risk boasts significant expertise in its field. Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality services, driven by a genuine passion for their work and a strong commitment to societal engagement. By upholding these principles, we aim to make a positive impact and actively contribute to a more sustainable and responsible world.

Our services

Our range of services is centred around addressing the challenges presented by the risk landscape and the needs arising from the imperative to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Agenda Risk aims to establish itself as a reputable actor in various service areas, including:

  • Investigations, compliance, anti-money laundering, etc.
  • Security and preparedness
  • Cybersecurity/Information security
  • Social responsibility/sustainability
  • Data privacy
  • Risk management and internal control

We are gradually building our organisation to encompass the entire spectrum of services, ensuring a blend of both operational and strategic expertise. As we grow, we strive to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients, contributing to their success and helping them navigate the challenges posed by the contemporary risk landscape. You can find more information about some aspects of our service range here.

Who is behind Agenda Risk?

Managing Partner at Agenda Risk is Kristian Thaysen, one of Norway’s most experienced investigators and advisors in the fields of compliance, investigation, risk management, sustainability, and more. Kristian has dedicated his entire career to these areas, spending eight years at PwC before becoming a partner in BDO’s compliance and investigation department. He eventually took over the leadership of this department. During his time at BDO, he also led the entire advisory business of the company.

Our Chairman, Mads Langaard Lund, brings extensive experience in Corporate Finance and investment, where he has contributed to the establishment and development of successful companies. Mads has comprehensive experience in working with financial transactions, both nationally and internationally. He is a former honorary consul with a robust international network.

Through Bryn Skaugen, we have a strong and long-term investor and supporter, who, among other ventures, was an investor in the advisory firm Metier for several years – one of Norway’s leading consulting firms in project management.