Cybersecurity and information security

In an evolving risk landscape, cybersecurity and information security are becoming increasingly crucial. Owners, boards, managers, and employees, as well as security architects and system developers, have an important role in protecting the business in an expedient manner. We provide consultancy and relevant services in the field of information security and risk management, both on an operational basis and at a strategic level. With our assistance, the threat landscape can become both more understandable and manageable. A comprehensive understanding of potential threats lays the foundation for conscious administration of information security and a holistic application of security architecture and cyber risk at the company. We can help with security management, establishing and developing the business’s information security management system (ISMS), threat modelling, risk and vulnerability assessments, incident handling, personal data privacy/GDPR, as well as assisting with contractor demands and follow-up.

Tools and methods

We put your concrete goals, users, identity handling, units, and data flow first when mapping the situation and identifying areas that require improvement. As technical references for our cyber and information security services we mainly use ISO27001 and ISO27032 with attached guidelines, NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF), and IEC 62443.


Below you find a few typical examples of how we can assist with cybersecurity and/or information security services:





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