“Compliance” entails a conformity to rules and guidelines. Often, businesses and organisations are bound by numerous laws and regulations. Most businesses have a compliance programme, which provides in-depth descriptions and definitions of the different laws, regulations (and risks) the business is bound by. Often, they further conclude that any relevant laws and regulations must be adhered to by the business itself, its employees, and any potential third-party subcontractors.

Our knowledge and experience

We have considerable experience within the field of compliance, and we are able to act as both advisor and compliance-officer for companies of all sizes. We can provide insight into issues related to sanctions, export control, “antitrust”/price-fixing, personal data privacy/GDPR, anti-corruption (such as ISO 37001, guidance from British and American authorities, guidance from OECD or Transparency International), and the general prevention of financial crime, including the American Justice Department guideline “Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs”.


Below, you can find examples of some of our compliance-related services:

  • Evaluation and development of compliance programmes
  • Training and exercises
  • Total or partial takeover of the compliance function, both permanently and temporarily, as well as “Compliance as a Service”
  • Advisor to the head of compliance
  • Acting as reporting agency for whistleblowers and establishing a whistleblower system, routines, guidelines, etc.
  • Data analyses to make the compliance process more data driven
  • Third party risk considerations, such as due diligence and supplier audits
  • Assisting with sales, mergers, and takeovers.
  • Preparations for initial public offerings or other equity-raising methods

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