Digital investigation

In situations concerned with the documentation of events in relation to a case, digital and electronic evidence are central. The gathering of electronic evidence and corresponding analysis must be done in compliance with the established guidelines and with verifiable documentation of the process. We can assist with both civil and criminal litigation and have comprehensive experience as an expert witness. We have extensive strategic and tactical competence within the field of digital evidence, making us able to provide valuable operational support.

Tools and methods

We use recognised methods and applicable guidelines when securing and analysing electronic and digital evidence. We have all relevant tools to secure phones, computers, servers, internet forums, etc. We have market-leading competence in-house and are therefore not reliant on subcontractors. We always follow “best practice” and international guidelines when conducting our work.


Below, you can find an overview of typical situations in which we can provide competence and experience within the field of digital evidence:

  • Discovery
  • Court-appointed expert witness
  • Party-appointed expert witness, both civil and criminal cases
  • Theft of corporate secrets
  • Data theft
  • Ransomware
  • Industrial espionage
  • Loss of personal data
  • Aiding in civil litigation, securing evidence outside of trial etc.
  • E-mail account access
  • Securing evidence in bankruptcy cases

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