Risk management and internal audits

Throughout recent years, the risk landscape has been rapidly evolving. Different stakeholders have increasingly new expectations to the ways through which businesses conduct their management and control, handle their values, and attain their goals. One’s failure to follow this changing risk landscape may result in negative personal consequences, loss of reputation, recruitment challenges, sales, public contracts, criminal liability, financial liability, economic losses, etc. Agenda Risk contributes to the creation of robust organisations by providing support for risk management and internal audits.

Tools and methods

We always seek to apply a methodological approach which corresponds to each individual client and their unique characteristics. This implies that we employ a flexible approach. We believe in a holistic approach to the risk landscape, where both strategic and operational risks are considered. For optimised risk management, one should have a clear idea of how big one’s “risk appetite” is. After this is considered, the risk may be assessed and evaluated before outlining potential measures (strategic and/or operational) in order to ensure that the risk is managed adequately. Often, our methods also take basis in applicable guidelines and standards, such as ISO 31000 Risk management and NS 5814:2001 Risk assessment requirements.


We perform comprehensive risk assessments of both strategic and operational nature. We can help in a range of different situations through a variety of ways, including:

  • Holding lectures and creating increased awareness of topics pertaining to threats, risk, and the business’s exposure to these
  • Facilitating brainstorming sessions or workshops for management teams to identify and understand the business’s risk environment
  • Performing risk assessments of suppliers and/or supply chains, partners, etc.
  • Performing risk assessments for entry into new markets or by employment of new products and/or services
  • Introducing new support systems for conducting risk assessments
  • Developing strategic and/or operational measures to reduce risk

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