Our services

Security and preparedness, risk management, compliance, audits, cyber security, sustainability, and civic responsibility.

Agenda Risk seeks to support organisations and businesses in the execution of their business in a way which also contributes to the fulfilment of the UN sustainable development goals. We help organisations become resilient and capable of managing unwanted incidents, including the restoration and return to normal operations.

Building robust organisations and businesses

Risk management, internal audits, and company culture compose three, closely linked, necessary dimensions to the establishment of robust organisations and businesses. We assist you in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the risks that your business faces and how the organisation, supported by good risk assessment, can establish solid internal auditing routines. We help you build a good company culture to reduce the probability of unwanted incidents and we ensure that – should an incident occur – you are well prepared to handle the situation.

Handling unwanted incidents

An unwanted incident should be handled in the best possible way to minimise damage, secure assets, quickly return to “normal”, and prevent similar incidents from reoccurring. When handling unwanted incidents there are several important factors to consider, such as handling various interests, alerting, communication, implementation of immediate measures, identification of long-term measures, evaluation, and learning.

Risk management

Below, you will find a list of areas where we, or our partners, can assist you.


  • Audits, compliance, whistleblowing, money laundering, etc.
  • Security and preparedness
  • Cybersecurity og information security
  • Social responsibilities, sustainability, supply-chain sustainability
  • Data privacy


In collaboration with our partner Mittvarsel.no we provide a whistleblower service. This is a very good solution for whistleblowers and contains everything that a whistleblowing channel should, including options for anonymous dialogue with the whistleblower and case management functionality. The solution can be managed by the company’s own employees or through Agenda Risk.

We provide training in prevention and management of financial crime through Videocation.no. The course consists of 16 short lessons and is particularly suited for CEOs, CFOs, or people in similar roles in medium size businesses. The course provides a comprehensive foundation for understanding the risk landscape, financial crime, and how your business may be best equipped to prevent financial crimes from occurring. Find more information about the course here.