Discovery and exploration

If you suspect corruption, embezzlement, theft of corporate secrets, data theft, or similar incidents, we can assist in uncovering the scope of the crimes through audits or other forms of discovery. We can also help discover and document the facts of other situations, such as internal policy violations, whistleblower follow-up, and more. We apply recognised methods and relevant guidelines, and we always ensure that both the client and other involved parties are attended to throughout an investigation.

Tools and methods

When conducting an audit, we use recognised methods and relevant guidelines. This entails, inter alia, adapting to the Norwegian Bar Association’s guidelines where relevant, and ensuring that privacy policies are maintained. During most audits or investigations, it is necessary to secure electronically stored information. We have all relevant tools for securing phones, laptops, webpages, etc. We also have a clean room in our own laboratory for computer forensics. To ensure that we carry out all missions in the best way possible, we always employ relevant and available technologies.


Below, you can find an overview of situations in which we conduct audits and other types of discovery:

  • Corruption, embezzlement, etc.
  • Theft of corporate secrets
  • Aiding in civil litigation, securing evidence outside of trial, etc.
  • Suspicion of manipulation of financial records
  • Accusations of bullying, harassment, etc.

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