Security & preparedness

Today’s threat landscape is continuously evolving. Your business and employees can fall victim to terrorism, sabotage, espionage, and several other types of crime. In order to implement necessary measures and reduce your business’s risk to an acceptable level, it is essential to obtain a sufficient understanding of what these threats and vulnerabilities consist of. Even when analyses are conducted and measures implemented, it is necessary to have good plans of action for unwanted incidents – and rehearse these. We at Agenda Risk can assist with risk- and vulnerability analyses, development of procedure- and process-descriptions, incident- and crisis-management, and drills.

Tools and methods

Together, we will conduct a risk and vulnerability analysis. Thereafter, we provide a proposal with a set of suggested measures to decrease the risk. We base our assessments on existing standards and methodologies, for example NS 31000 risk management, 31030 travelling, or 5814 risk assessment. Central to our approach and methods is that our work should have a significant effect. Considerable strategic and operational experience enables us to help our clients prioritise and allocate their resources where they will have the most impact.


Below, you will find an overview of situations in which our Security and Preparedness competencies can be applied:

  • Performing risk and vulnerability assessments and developing and implementing risk reduction procedures
  • Developing and implementing a security system
  • Crisis and incident management in the event of an unwanted incident, as well as management support to resume normal operations
  • Conducting drills, both to train the company’s employees and to uncover any weaknesses or shortcomings in existing procedures
  • Developing geopolitical assessments and providing safety advice related to travel and expansion to other countries
  • Arranging seminars and exercises to create awareness of security challenges and threats

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