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Below, you will find a brief presentation of our partners and some of the employees at Agenda Risk. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you want to discuss professional issues or if you are curious about how we can assist you.

Maria Hempel

Maria is a lawyer at Agenda Risk and is responsible for our advisory services related to compliance, including issues related to anti-corruption, antitrust (competition law), GDPR, sanctions, and export control. Maria has practiced as a lawyer for several years, both in Norway and abroad (Sweden and England). She has accumulated significant and broad experience, serving as the Chief Compliance Officer at Höegh Autoliners and, in recent years, as the General Counsel (legal director) at the same company. Maria possesses extensive insight and significant operational experience in matters concerning corruption and sanction regulations. She also has unique experience from managing challenges related to price-fixing, US compliance monitorship programme, etc.

Dag Søberg

Dag leads the Security & Preparedness service area. He has 38 years of experience from the Norwegian Armed Forces, where he has worked extensively with security and preparedness at both tactical, operational, and strategic levels. From 2019 until May 2022, Dag served as the head of the operations department at the Norwegian Joint Headquarters, where he held the overall responsibility for protecting the Armed Forces’ assets and vulnerabilities and for leading their operations both in Norway and internationally. He has closely collaborated with PST (Norwegian Police Security Service), NSM (Norwegian National Security Authority), E-tjenesten (Norwegian Intelligence Service), DSB (Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection), and other relevant actors within the security and preparedness domain. With ten years of experience working abroad, Dag possesses a strong understanding of geopolitical risks. Through his extensive experience in the field, Dag has developed a unique expertise in helping organisations prepare to handle emerging situations and crises effectively.

Thomas Mehlum

Thomas leads our services related to data forensics, data reconstruction, and cyber investigations. He has more than 20 years of experience in digital forensics and data reconstruction, as well as information security. Thomas is one of Norway’s most renowned experts in this field. Over the years, he has provided expert assistance in both civil and criminal cases, conducting evidence preservation, analysis, and examination of electronic traces. Thomas has substantial experience from investigating various types of security breaches. This has provided him with a solid understanding of risk, information security in general, and practical experience from various types of security breaches and how to secure and identify evidence for use in potential civil and criminal proceedings.

Sigmund Flaate

Sigmund is employed as a Senior Adviser in the Security & Preparedness department at Agenda Risk. He is a former police officer from both the regular police force and the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST), accumulating nearly 20 years of experience in the Police and the Armed Forces. He possesses extensive experience in crisis and preparedness management and has been involved in various missions both in Norway and internationally. From 2016 until 2023, Sigmund worked at the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) in multiple roles, including as a bodyguard, intelligence operator, and team leader. He has closely collaborated with the police, the military, the healthcare sector, and other relevant actors within the fields of preparedness and crisis management.

Kristian Thaysen

Kristian is the founder of Agenda Risk AS. As an advisor to several large corporations, Kristian assists them in understanding and managing their comprehensive risk landscape from both strategic and operational perspectives. This includes a solid understanding of geopolitical risks, security risks, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) risks, and how the overall risk profile can impact businesses, including key executives, personnel, and shareholders.

With extensive experience in risk management, internal control, sustainability, data privacy, compliance, investigations, whistleblowing, financial crime, anti-corruption, money laundering, and dispute resolution, Kristian provides invaluable guidance to his clients.

Carl-Petter Stav

Carl-Petter has nearly 20 years of experience in intelligence and security-related work, with extensive expertise in the field at both national and international levels, encompassing operational and strategic aspects, both in civilian and military settings. He has been involved in handling geopolitical risks, including threats from state and non-state actors across all domains (cyber/technology/human). Throughout his career, Carl-Petter has led analytical efforts and operational units, both in Norway and abroad, during military operations and crises. He has been responsible for operational risk management and security. Additionally, he has been engaged in emergency preparedness planning and conducting exercises and training. Recently, Carl-Petter recently completed further education in information security management at Harvard.

Trond Bakke

Trond has over 38 years of experience in the Norwegian Armed Forces, where he has spent almost his entire career involved in planning and executing exercises at both operational and strategic levels. Trond possesses a truly unique expertise in exercise planning and implementation, and for the past nine years, he has served as an exercise planner at the Norwegian Joint Headquarters. In this role, he has developed a wide range of exercises, both small and large, in close collaboration with NATO, the Armed Forces, various actors in the defence sector, and crucial stakeholders within the energy sector. Through his work, Trond has gained significant insights into the hybrid threats that apply to all aspects of critical infrastructure, as well as the private sector.