The Safeguard Subscription– the subscription service that provides better control over your business – was launched today by Agenda Risk. As the first Norwegian company, we offer comprehensive risk management and better control of your business as a subscription service.

The launch on March 1st has been planned for a long time, but the terrible events of the past few days make it even more relevant. An already challenging risk landscape becomes even more demanding and complex than before, says Kristian Thaysen, Managing Partner at Agenda Risk, and elaborates:

The risk landscape for most businesses, just a few days ago, in many ways represented a risk landscape that had evolved over time into a rather challenging one, but with few fundamental changes in the short term. Suddenly, almost everything – in a Western context – has been turned upside down. Closed airspace, brand-new sanctions, and what about the impact on an already very unique and volatile power market? Which raw materials or semi-finished products will be affected by sanctions or indirectly due to other factors? And above all, can we expect counterreactions to all of the West’s sanctions against Russia in the form of massive data attacks and other cyber operations?

Many business leaders want to have good control over the company’s risk landscape. We find that many are uncertain about how to actually go about getting sufficient overview and a good basis for prioritising measures on the road to reassuring control.

The Safeguard Subscription with Agenda Risk can be compared to the annual health and dental checkup you have, which ensures that you are regularly followed up and take care of one of the most precious things you have. If you don’t have an agreement that ensures you are being followed up, it’s easy to forget in a busy everyday life.

For a fixed monthly fee, you get access to several templates, ongoing coaching/discussion, risk analysis with measures, and regular digital vulnerability scanning.

We have two options; “Get Started” or “Safe”. Both options offer benefits that far exceed the company’s cost of the agreement.

Our experience suggests that very many – and more often than you think – are exposed to various forms of unwanted incidents. Prevention through good management and control is undoubtedly both sensible and often very cost-effective instead of having to spend large sums on handling unwanted incidents.



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