The war in Ukraine, escalating tensions between China and Taiwan/USA, and the rising interest rates and inflation are contributing to heightened uncertainty. There is a growing awareness of the importance of conducting crisis and scenario exercises, and an increasing number of businesses are seeking to carry out preparedness drills. A fundamentally altered risk landscape demands better preparedness. Both full-scale exercises and smaller table-top exercises, which provide realistic training for all involved parties, can be organised. To meet the growing demand, Agenda Risk has hired Trond Bakke as a Senior Advisor with a particular responsibility for assisting organisations in the public and private sectors with emergency preparedness exercises.

Dag Søberg, the leader of Agenda Risk’s security and preparedness services, states that “there is likely no one else in Norway with the same level of experience as Trond Bakke. With Bakke on board, we have a Senior Advisor with unique experience who can truly create genuine and realistic exercises for Norwegian organisations in both the public and private sectors.”

For the past nine years, Bakke has been involved in exercise planning and execution at the Norwegian Armed Forces’ operational headquarters in Bodø. Here, he has not only planned and conducted major exercises but has also been heavily involved in planning and conducting smaller specialised preparedness drills that may not be as well-known to the public.

Bakke possesses special insights into how exercises should be carried out in the most effective way to maximise the benefit for those being trained. Over the years, he has conducted numerous exercises involving the police, operators of critical infrastructure, the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (DSB), and a host of other public and private entities.

Kristian Thaysen further emphasises that this not only strengthens our security and preparedness services but also enhances our ability to create valuable exercises that encompass the entirety of the risk landscape we assist organisations in addressing, ranging from cyber risks to corruption risks, dawn raids by regulatory authorities, and other unwanted events.

With over 38 years of experience in the Armed Forces, Bakke has spent most of his career in the military focused on exercise planning and execution. He brings experience from NATO headquarters abroad as well as from various levels in Norway.

Trond Bakke will commence his role at Agenda Risk in January 2023.

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