Agenda Risk – latest hires

Our spring recruitment processes have resulted in several hirings. We are extremely pleased to present the three newest employees coming to Agenda Risk. Read more about Elise, Ada and Ingrid below.

Elise Rinde Olsen has been hired as a trainee in Agenda Risk’s Digital Forensic & Cyber Investigation service area. Elise is in the final stages of completing her bachelor’s degree in Digital Forensics at Noroff University College in Kristiansand, where she has received top recommendations. Throughout her studies, she has gained a solid understanding of file systems, networks, OSINT, as well as the security and analysis of digital devices and associated tools, along with the pertinent laws and regulations within the field. Elise’s bachelor’s thesis focuses on IoT and the information devices transmit to service providers. Her primary responsibilities will include data reconstruction and assisting with the security and analysis of digital evidence. Elise will be joining our team on June 1, 2023.

Ada Strømme Hoff has been appointed as a trainee at Agenda Risk. She is currently employed as a marketer at Altinget newspaper and previously served as a full-time intern at “think tank” The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism in The Hague, Netherlands. Ada holds a MSc degree in Crisis and Security Management with specialisation in radicalisation, extremism, and terrorism from Leiden University in the Netherlands, as well as a MA degree in International Relations from the University of Edinburgh. In addition to contributing to our client projects, Ada will also work on strategy, business development, and marketing at Agenda Risk. Ada will be joining our team on August 1, 2023.

Ingrid Barth Pettersen is a social anthropologist from Oslo with a decade of experience in corporate governance, internal control, compliance, and risk management in both public and private sectors. At the Norwegian Agricultural Directorate, she was responsible for developing a comprehensive internal control system, including frameworks and routines for risk management within the directorate. In her role at TINE, she focused on strategic risk management, support and training in risk management for TINE and its subsidiaries, as well as tool and system development. Serving as a Data Protection Officer at Tine, she developed and implemented TINE’s framework for privacy compliance in TINE SA and its subsidiaries. She has also held the position of Data Protection Officer at Elkjøp. Ingrid will commence her role on August 1, 2023, and will work across several of our service areas, with a particular focus on risk management and internal control services.

With these appointments, we are further reinforcing our expertise and capacity across various areas of specialisation. It’s exciting to observe how an increased volume of projects allows us to recruit more individuals who swiftly engage in captivating assignments. We are highly pleased that Elise, Ada, and Ingrid have accepted the opportunity to contribute to the continued development of Agenda Risk alongside our already exceptional team of employees.

– Kristian Thaysen, Managing Partner at Agenda Risk.