“The execution of the emergency exercise provided us with both confidence and several valuable insights for improvements.”

– Bente Doknes, Director of LHL Gardermoen Hospital

LHL Gardermoen Hospital is committed to risk management, and as part of this effort, Agenda Risk conducted a table-top exercise for the hospital’s crisis management team before the summer break.

LHL Gardermoen Hospital is a modern and accessible specialist hospital offering clinical services such as medical outpatient clinics, lifestyle medicine, and rehabilitation.

The purpose of the exercise was to provide the hospital’s crisis management team with more training in handling various situations that may arise at the hospital. Furthermore, the aim was to instill confidence and understanding of how the hospital’s emergency plan functions and to establish a common understanding of who holds which responsibilities and roles in various crises/events.

The exercise was conducted as a table-top exercise, where a situation was presented to the participants (in this case, the crisis management team), and participants had to determine how to respond to the situation and what actions to take to resolve the incident effectively. New situations emerged during the exercise and were communicated to the crisis management team as it progressed. This made the exercise more demanding but also more reflective of how an unwanted incident typically unfolds.

The exercise was carried out based on a specific risk assessment and with realistic scenarios.

According to Dag Søberg, responsible for Agenda Risk’s security and emergency preparedness services, a table-top exercise is typically not very resource-intensive to conduct and is an effective way to shed light on challenges, processes, and procedures. Notably, such an exercise helps participants gain insight into how they must collaborate as a group to address the situation, providing a mental reassurance that can be highly valuable in the event of an unwanted incident and crisis.

Agenda Risk had prepared realistic scenarios that were presented to us effectively. Although it was the crisis management team’s responsibility to resolve the challenges, Agenda Risk guided us through the process very effectively. This resulted in the exercise enhancing our confidence in our ability to handle a crisis effectively, while also providing several concrete and valuable learning points that we will incorporate into our ongoing improvement efforts.

– Bente Doknes, Director of LHL Gardermoen Hospital



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